CQC Reports Aren’t they Awesome

by on July 18, 2015

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What people told us and what we found

We spoke with three patients. One patient told us, “Nothing but positive things to say about how they treat me, what they tell me and how much it will cost. Really, it’s a good place.” Another patient told us, “The staff and dentists make you feel very comfortable.”

One patient said, “They say what they are doing, explain everything and make you feel comfortable.” We saw that patients were involved in their treatment and provided consent before any treatment was started. We found that people were protected from the risks of abuse. We saw that there were effective systems in place to minimise the risk of infection. We also found that systems were in place to assess and monitor the quality of service provision.

You can see our judgements on the front page of this report.  Simply click the report to see the full thing.